Material Requirements Planning (MRP) Software

The best way to manage manufacturing process

The material requirements planning software, also known as manufacturing resource planning software or simply MRP, is a system specially designed for manufacturing processes and applications, combining two major aspects, production planning and inventory control. It is a complex technology, both in terms of operation and in terms of implementation, achieving three main goals for a company: the insurance that necessary materials are available for the immediate production and at the same time that all necessary products are available for delivery, the maintenance of low levels of products and materials in stock and the planning of overall activities. The MIE Trak material requirements planning software brings a significant support to manufacturers by helping them recognize what is needed when is needed, both for buying and making. The MRP software is an important part of the enterprise resource planning software, commonly known as ERP. The material requirements planning software is used in the primary phases of production, when the needed raw materials are recognized and purchased, the necessary resources are determined and the steps of production are scheduled. After that, companies make use of manufacturing execution systems.

The MIE Trak material requirements planning software focuses greatly on individual plans for specific tasks and jobs, thus increasing the efficiency of their course. The software has numerous functions, including the procurement and control of the inventory, the forecasting of production, the procurement schedule, as well as job costing, which identifies what needs to be manufactured against what needs to be purchased, and the applications for process scheduling. The MIE Trak MRP software is able to support various modes, such as process, assemble to stock or make to order, assisting companies in the management of supply and demand balance. Its inventory control and planning functions are vital for any manufacturing organization, as these operations are time sensitive and require a great level of accuracy. The material requirements planning software is suitable both for small shops, with single user systems, and large organizations that use networks.

The MIE Trak material requirements planning software system helps control the both the quantity and the type of materials that a company purchases, in order to ensure that the customer demand is met, without high costs. The system has the ability to schedule and plan material requirements  according to a series of factors, such as reorder points, demand information and any other supply and demand information that is available at a certain time. The MIE Trak material requirements planning software services companies to such a large extent, because it reduces inventory without causing shortage, it increases manufacturing productivity, not to mention the beneficial effect that it has on cash flow, as too much capital is no longer tied in inventory. The MIE Trak software, though complex, is easy to implement, intuitive and user friendly. Its great functionality is supported by various features, some of the major ones being MRP pegging, replenishment planning, project planning, supplier planning, replenishment inventory management, as well as replenishment planning and scheduling, MRP reporting, MRP analysis and MRP parameter and policies. 

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