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Machine Shop Rates Part 1

Welcome to the MIE Solutions Job Shop Estimating  blog. MIE Solutions ERP system provides a comprehensive job shop software to deal with the many problems issues a job shop encounters.  Estimating has become a critical factor in many job shops in order to determine the best price for custom and made to order manufactured parts.…

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Standard Shop Rate

Do you remember when it was time to quote and you sat down with your specifications, pencil and paper and started to write down how long each processes would take to manufacture the given specifications.   You would add up all the setup time, then go through and add up all the cycle time per…

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Calculating Shop Rates Using The Income Statement

We are going to spend the next few posts reviewing what an income sheet is and how the income sheet will help you determine you shop rates. From Wikipedia the definition of income statement is Income statement, also called profit and loss statement (P&L) and Statement of Operations, is a company’s financial statement that indicates how the revenue…

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