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Quick Tip: Should You Be Lean Purchasing?

Should You be Lean Purchasing? Problem MIE Solutions has worked with many manufacturing companies who experience the recurring problem of customers wanting a finished product sooner than it takes to make it. In many cases, those manufacturing companies are performing under the Just-in-Time window and preventing a lean process.   Questions to Ask Are you…

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Quick Tip: How to Account for Inaccurate Reporting

How to Account for Inaccurate Reporting Problem One of the reasons it takes so long to close a period is because you are constantly waiting: waiting for inventory, waiting for cc transactions, and reconciling these divisions takes a long time–especially if you have multiple divisions.   Question to Ask 1. Are you using multiple spreadsheets?…

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Quick Tip: Accurate Data Collection and Real Time Reporting

Accurate Data Collection and Real-Time Reporting   Problem Accuracy and Real-Time Reporting   Questions   1. How do you collect actual, real-time work order data? (Labor) 2. Can you look at a screen and know exactly where your parts are? (Labor) 3. Are you accurately costing work orders, including Bill of Materials? (Raw materials) 4.…

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