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2018 MIE Solutions Scholarship Winners Announced

2018 MIE Solutions Scholarship Winners Announced!   We are happy to announce that this year, MIE Solutions has selected three students to be the recipients of the 2018 MIE Solutions Scholarship! This scholarship awarded $500 to each student. The selected students followed the requirements laid out on our website and wrote an essay about their…

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Quick Tip: ERP Vs. Stand-Alone Software

Quick Tip: ERP Software for Manufacturing Vs. Stand-Alone Software     When ERP software for manufacturing was first released, it was mainly used for large enterprises. However, today’s ERP systems can be used by any company in the manufacturing industry, regardless of size. No matter what your company manufactures, you are bound to find ERP…

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Quick Tip: ERP- What, When, and Why?

Quick Tip: ERP: What, When & Why?     What is Manufacturing ERP software?   You can think of a Manufacturing ERP system as a complete software solution designed to run and manage multiple (if not all) departments in your company. ERP software allows companies to connect their data and departments together in a way…

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