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An award-winning ERP system made specifically for manufacturers.

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"We went from doing $4 million to $8 million without increasing overhead. We're still maintaining those numbers and had no idea we could grow like that. MIE Trak paints a better picture and gives you the visibility you need."

Elite Tool LLC

An ERP offering that is ideal for manufacturing businesses with modules designed to accommodate all your production cycles.


MIE Solutions keeps your data safe, whether or not you choose to have us host your data. AWS backup is available for all customers who choose MIE Trak Pro. No hidden charges.


Whether you have one location or fifty, MIE Trak Pro can handle multiple databases, divisions, locations, and parts—all within one system. We are one of the few ERP providers that offer this capability to all of our customers.


Want to see which machines are at capacity or how your schedule is coming along? Do you know how many deliveries are going out on time or how many quotes, or estimates, your department made this month? Use MIE Dashboards to create reports, drag-and-drop graphs, and charts to view important metrics at any time.


Create quotes and RFQs without the use of complicated and tedious spreadsheets. Create sales orders instantly. Generate invoices, work orders, and pick lists at the touch of a button.


24/7 access to our support portal, LearnHub resources, chat, and e-mail. Reach a technical support specialist during a wide range of business hours. On-site, classroom, and online training are also available to every customer.


MIE Trak Pro offers a fully functional and integrated system that includes financial statements, reconciliation, Human Resource functions, Time Clock, and more. Not ready to switch your accounting software? With MIE Solutions, you have the option of integrating your current accounting package (QuickBooks, Sage, etc.) with our ERP software, MIE Trak Pro.


Utilize powerful analytic reports that identify key areas of improvements like supplier performance, RMAs, lot number tracking, true cost analysis, and machine/employee performance.


Integrate your supply chain with customizable features like user-specific due dates, work center availability, Advanced Planning Scheduling (APS), Just-In-Time (JIT) purchasing, custom reports, and more.


ADP, ABARA, Avalara Tax, EDI Solutions, FedEx, Metamation, Micro Estimating Systems, Paychex, Optimal Yield Solutions, Quickbooks, Red Wing, Sage, SigmaNest, SOLIDWORKS, UPS, USPS, Workbooks CRM, and more.

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