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The Automotive Manufacturing Industry is one of the world's largest economic sectors by revenue and, therefore, a great market to be in as a manufacturer. There are companies that manufacture strictly for the automotive industry and others who provide parts to this industry and many others. Whether you are 1% automotive manufacturing or 100%, a system that tracks a quote or repeat order through the production process will be extremely beneficial. It's not that you can't "make it work" with spreadsheets and accounting software, it's that you can be much more productive and profitable with a reliable all-in-one system managing your operations.

Are you made-to-order (MTO) or made-to-stock (MTS)? Do you create new quotes regularly or keep inventory? Well, with ERP, these tasks can be streamlined to improve efficiency on your shop floor.

Industry Leader

MIE Solutions provides a market-leading production software for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. Specializing in purchasing, quality control, costing, scheduling, data management, and so on, it provides a complete solution for all your manufacturing needs.

Implementation Services

ERP software must be customized according to the needs of your business; MIE Solutions provides a convenient implementation process with the help of a project manager and a sales engineer. On top of this, an entire team of consultants, technicians, developers, and IT technicians are appointed to assist with the implementation of MIE Trak Pro.

Consultation & Training Services

MIE also provides full support to its clients as ERP is an integrated software which requires complex understanding for processing. This support and training are provided by MIE Solution’s experts via online, phone, in-person classes, or on-site visits.

Why MIE Trak Pro?

MIE Trak Pro offers the necessary features for any discrete manufacturer—especially industries that require detailed reporting, robust traceability, and industry compliance. The Automotive Industry will continue to grow and change as advances in technology becomes available for parts manufacturers and engineers alike.

What you get with MIE Trak Pro

MIE Trak Pro ERP provides Automotive Industry professionals with the following features:

Infinite Solutions

A comprehensive system handling all your company’s data in one place from production through distribution and beyond.

Keep track, easily

Help in administering export shipments and on-time deliveries.

Achieve total quality control

A robust quality control module to manage compliance measures, take corrective actions, and create detailed reports on supplier performance.

Delivery Intelligence

Facilitates open communication with suppliers through 24/7 web portals and two-way EDI exchange.

Dive into your data

Detailed demand planning and MRP assist you in forecasting demands precisely. Conduct cost analysis to manage your supply chain.

Wipe out entry errors

Powerful automation which helps eliminate double entry errors and manages your processes and physical materials.

360° Clarity

Visibility of all departments on one platform.

“What I like best about MIE Trak Pro is how easy it is to manipulate. It is also a great software to schedule employees.”

Susan M.
Cooper Standard London

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