Welcome to the MIE Solutions blog about Job Shop Quoting and Estimating

This is the beginning of a blog for all job shop estimators to provide information and feedback about how to estimate job shop jobs in the made to order job shop environments.

A little background of myself.

As a child in Junior High School I found a passion for the early computer systems, which would drive much of his future work.  I created and sold his first computer program, Arrow Data Systems, which was an early CAD/CAM system for the Apple 2e Computer. In the late 1980’s after seeing my father (a sheet metal manufacturer) come home many nights estimating, I saw an opportunity to optimize his effort through computer technology. Shortly thereafter the FabriTRAK Production Control package was developed. The Quote It! estimating package was developed out of the FabriTRAK system to become one of the leading sheet metal estimating packages in the world.

I have been to and consulted 100’s of companies in the best way to use computer software technology to streamline and make the process of quoting more accurate.

I’m looking for feedback as we discuss the estimation process in order for all readers to improve their estimating, which in turn, improves your win rate and profitability.

When an RFQ or RFP is received you begin the process of estimating.   You can estimate and quote the job using paper and pencil, a spreadsheet or estimating software.    In this very competitive market I suggest using estimating software in order to be most competitive and I will discuss and hopefully get feedback on ways the software should work to best satisfy the made to order manufacturer.



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