Estimating For Paint Lines (Part 2 of 2)

As technology has improved over the years, paint lines have become more commonplace throughout job shops. The ability to estimate how much a part costs is now more complicated due to the batch process and automation of paint lines. This entry will show you a sample formula for estimating “time per part”. This is a pretty complicated formula but you can put it into an Excel spreadsheet and try out the numbers.


TTR400     Time to Reach 400f
Cure          Time Cure Time
CTA           Cure Temp Adjustment
PPS           Parts Per Set
LFPS         Linear Feet Per Set
CT             Cure Temperature
CSO          Conveyor Speed Override


(LFPS/PPS)/IF(CSO=0,(IF((TTR400 + CTA*(Cure Time))<11, 5, IF((TTR400 + CTA*(Cure Time)) < 15, 4.5,IF((TTR400 + CTA*(Cure Time)) < 20, 4, IF((TTR400 + CTA*(Cure Time)) < 25, 3.5,IF((TTR400 + CTA*(Cure Time)) < 30, 3, IF((TTR400 + CTA*(Cure Time)) < 35,2.5,IF((TTR400 + CTA*(Cure Time)) < 40, 2,IF((TTR400 + CTA*(Cure Time)) < 45, 1.5, 1))))))))),CSO)