Estimating For Paint Lines (Part 2 of 2)

As technology has improved over the years, paint lines have become more commonplace throughout job shops. The ability to estimate how much a part costs is now more complicated due to the batch process and automation of paint lines. This entry will show you a sample formula for estimating “time per part”.







These variables including your hourly rate running your paint line is a pretty basic formula.  Depending on how the parts are hung, you can get more parts done on the hanger then a single part.  The PlugsPerPart and MaskingTimePerPart are for individual parts and would not be multiplied but the vertical parts.  The feet per minute can actually be broken down into a formula by itself.   The feet per minute is based on cure time, thickness of the powder coat and other factors.  The most difficult part is actually how you determine your shop rate for the paint line.