Implementation Overview: What's Next?

Because ERP software requires integration with your organization’s workflow and data, it cannot be ready to use out of the box. ERP software must be customized based on the needs and requirements of your business. Therefore, our implementation process is designed to create a roadmap to give you a smooth transition and maximum use of the software.

Dedicated Implementation Project Lead

The process begins by assigning one of our dedicated implementation project leads to your organization. In most cases, it will be a project lead and the sales representative or sales engineer that you have already been working with. They are most likely already knowledgeable about your organization and process.

Your project lead is your point of contact for any questions or concerns. He or she will work with you to guide your implementation. Based on requirements, other team members may be included, such as trainers, support technicians, developers, and IT technicians.

How Long Does It Take

The implementation process generally takes between 90 to 120 days, depending on how quickly your organization can provide input and complete tasks.

Implementation Process Overview

The implementation process can be divided into the following phases:

Gain an understanding of your organization’s operations, workflow, and data.

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Determine if you want to integrate with third-party software, if existing software features meet your requirements or if customizations are needed, and if you want any MIE Solutions add-ons. Also, includes deciding on a part numbering scheme.

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Install the software on servers and workstations. Requires cooperation from your IT staff or an outside contractor.

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Gather data, determine what can be imported, and what must be manually entered.

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Participate in various forms of provided training.

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After completing all previous phases, you are ready to go live.

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Continue to interact with MIE Solutions and ask any questions and inform us of any problems.

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Wrike Project Management

At MIE Solutions Inc., part of our mission statement is to "leverage software" to its fullest capacity. Wrike Project Management software is one of the ways that we do this.

Wrike is a cloud-based software application that we use to help connect you to our project implementation team here at MIE Solutions. This application will be the main source of tasks and hold the timeline planning information for your company’s implementation.

The following shows a sample Wrike window.

MIE Solutions uses Wrike internally for many aspects of any given implementation. We also have confidence that you will find using Wrike a useful tool to facilitate your company’s ERP implementation. You will be using Wrike for two main functions:

  • Task Assignment
  • Questions and Other Communication

These functions are briefly described below.

Task Assignment

A successful implementation of MIE Trak Pro highly depends on the effective communication about tasks and close monitoring of the status of those tasks.

For the implementation to progress, both MIE Solutions and your company will be assigned tasks that need to be completed within certain timeframes. When MIE Solutions assigns tasks to designated employees within your company, you can view them in the Wrike Portal. They will also be sent via email as a friendly reminder.

The following shows a Wrike file attachment window.

Most tasks will have a due date associated with them; some will not. Some tasks may be ongoing for weeks at a time.

As your implementation progresses, we request that you keep MIE Solutions informed by adjusting the statuses of each task. It is rewarding to see a stack of "Completed" tasks at the end of an implementation!

Questions and Other Communication

To better facilitate communication, we also request that you enter any questions or other communication regarding your implementation into the comment sections of the Wrike Tasks. This immediately makes our team aware of any concerns or problems that may exist when we look at any given subject.

Also, this allows us to address and reference these questions in a way that is easily visible to the training personnel before any training sessions. If you have any questions regarding a specific task, the individuals listed in the task’s comment section will be notified via email as soon as you press "Send".