Inventory Control in MIE Trak Pro


Managing inventory in a job shop is critical because the inventory sitting on your shelf equates to money. Inventory tracking with a simple solution is the key to a successful and efficient warehouse. With MIE Trak Pro, you’ll become far more efficient and profitable.



With MIE Trak Pro ERP, traceability is handled seamlessly through receipt of the material, consumption, and, finally, the delivery to your customer. If you are interested in tracking your product at each step of its life cycle, then you should certainly consider MIE Trak Pro.

Multi-Location Inventory

Managing multiple inventory locations is critical for a large number of companies. In MIE Trak Pro, you can each inventory transaction’s precise detail—including quarantine, customer supplied, backflushing, and more.


Native Warehouse Application Included

Manage inventory with an easy-to-use warehouse application (MIE Mobile Warehouse) to move, adjust, print labels, receive materials into stock, pick materials, and more. You can also use auto-generation of cycle count worksheets to create a paperless inventory counting system for your shop floor.


Purchasing Features:

  • “As of” date
    • Inventory valuation
    • Work In Process valuation
  • Multi-division
  • Multi-location
  • Lot/heat number traceability
  • Certs documentation
  • MRP
  • Backflushing
  • Customer supplied material
  • Inventory worksheets
  • Serializing of inventory items
  • Auto-generated pick lists
  • Multiple-vendor price-lists
  • Alternative part numbers
  • Kitting
  • Inventory by any unit of measure
    • Each
    • Sheets
    • Length
    • Coils
  • 12 price-breaks per item
  • Get recommended purchasing information based on usage
  • ...and much more.