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Job Shop Industry

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The typical Job Shop handles a variety of manufacturing projects from small to medium custom-made parts to low-volume repeat orders. Due to the fact that job shops run on customization over volume, companies within this industry must have a great deal of flexibility and timeliness to meet customer demands. Some of the challenges within this industry include on-time delivery, labor and machine scheduling, raw material purchasing, and job costing.

The average job shop consists of various equipment and technological apparatuses, ranging from simple hand tools to lathes and CNC-controlled multi-axis mills.

Due to the high cost of these machines, regular maintenance must also be carried out so that the company and all incoming orders can run smoothly. With so much going on in a machine shop, it is highly recommended that a system is in place to manage all of these aspects of the business.

MIE Trak Pro ERP offers robust features at a reasonable price. It allows manufacturers a great deal of flexibility and instantly makes any small modifications that might be needed. The shared database will help you track production, distribution, cash, available raw materials, etc.

Industry Leader

MIE Solutions provides a market-leading production software for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. Specializing in purchasing, quality control, costing, scheduling, data management, and so on, it provides a complete solution for all your manufacturing needs.

Implementation Services

ERP software must be customized according to the needs of your business; MIE Solutions provides a convenient implementation process with the help of a project manager and a sales engineer. On top of this, an entire team of consultants, technicians, developers, and IT technicians are appointed to assist with the implementation of MIE Trak Pro.

Consultation & Training Services

MIE also provides full support to its clients as ERP is an integrated software which requires complex understanding for processing. This support and training are provided by MIE Solution’s experts via online, phone, in-person classes, or on-site visits.

Why MIE Trak Pro?

MIE Trak Pro offers the features required to run your job shop efficiently and effectively—especially in regard to the challenges outlined above. 

Job shop ERP software must have the ability to accommodate all requirements for purchasing (especially raw material) according to customer demands. It must aim to provide solutions for optimizing production runs across multiple orders so that costing procedures work well.

Job shop manufacturing software sharpens on-time deliveries, the overall management of materials at all levels, job inventory, job costing, job reporting, and so on. This is what MIE Trak Pro delivers to your shop.

What you get with MIE Trak Pro

MIE Trak Pro offers the features required to run your job shop efficiently and effectively—especially in regard to the above challenges.

Costing on the fly

Real-time job costing procedures

On-time deliveries

Scheduling of labor and machines

Drill down reports

Full array of standardized and customized reports related to performance, customers and financials

Fully integrated CAD-CAM

Bill imports from CAD software

Version control enablement

Document control

Quick quotes

Rapid conversion from Quote to Sales Order

Keep track, easily

Serial number tracking

Purchase like a pro

Purchasing of material directly to the shop

Jobs from start to finish

Fluent tracking of order with work breakdown structure

“Many of the other systems we evaluated would have forced us to change our processes and practices to fit the software. MIE Trak Pro allows us to modify the system to meet our needs.”

Rob U.
Standard Change-Makers

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