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Kiosk Module in MIE Trak Pro


Are you currently using spreadsheets and travelers to collect data on your shop floor? If so, then it’s time to consider a different option. MIE Trak Pro’s Kiosk module is fully integrated from the shop floor to the office. It also provides the tools to be paperless in your shop.

Fully Integrated with Scheduling

MIE Trak Pro’s Whiteboard allows you to drag-and-drop a job onto a machine to schedule it on your shop floor. Once you’ve added the job to a machine on the Whiteboard, your shop floor operator is notified in real-time. Their Kiosk provides information on each job that has been scheduled to that specific machine.

Group Clock-In

Group clock-in is a highly useful tool for paint lines or multi-person processes. This enables a single employee to clock in for an entire group instead of individually clocking in at a workstation. Then, upon clocking out, the data for each employee is saved so that the job can be costed accordingly.


Integrated Inspection

Add inspection requirements at the sequence level in MIE Trak Pro and have your team enter the results directly from the Kiosk module. Use MIE Trak Pro's Quality Control module alongside MIE Kiosk to have exceptional quality control standards in your shop.


Kiosk Features:

  • Real-time data collection, no batch mode
  • Time clock-in/out for the workday
  • Real-time inspection
  • Group clock-in
  • Create scrap-tracking, auto-quality entries, and dispositions
  • Serial/lot number tracking
  • Print labels
  • Nest data collection
  • Purchase order requests
  • Inventory adjustments and transfers
  • ...and more.