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Metal Stamping Industry

Punch out your pain points

Metal stamping is a complex process that includes a number of metal-forming techniques (e.g. blanking, punching, bending, and piercing). As metal stamping provides a cost-effective solution for a large manufacturing sector, its operations must be fully automated to produce high quality durable products at a low cost and with a faster turnaround time. In order to keep the system lean and agile when stamping hundreds or thousands of parts per minute, a well-coordinated ERP system that is tailored to the production needs is highly recommended. 

Industry Leader

MIE Solutions provides a market-leading production software for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. Specializing in purchasing, quality control, costing, scheduling, data management, and so on, it provides a complete solution for all your manufacturing needs.

Implementation Services

ERP software must be customized according to the needs of your business; MIE Solutions provides a convenient implementation process with the help of a project manager and a sales engineer. On top of this, an entire team of consultants, technicians, developers, and IT technicians are appointed to assist with the implementation of MIE Trak Pro.

Consultation & Training Services

MIE also provides full support to its clients as ERP is an integrated software which requires complex understanding for processing. This support and training are provided by MIE Solution’s experts via online, phone, in-person classes, or on-site visits.

Why MIE Trak Pro?

 The average job shop consists of various equipment and technological apparatuses, ranging from simple hand tools to lathes and CNC-controlled multi-axis mills.

Due to the high cost of these machines, regular maintenance must also be carried out so that the company and all incoming orders can run smoothly. With so much going on in a machine shop, it is highly recommended that a system is in place to manage all of these aspects of the business.

What you get with MIE Trak Pro

ERP software helps metal stampers, like you, keep your machines running smoothly, your production schedules accurate, and your scrap/rejects as low as possible. It provides the following features:

Flexible units of measure

MIE Trak Pro ERP eliminates the needs for conducting tedious calculations whenever an employee stores parts in pounds, produces in grams, and purchases in ounces.

Tool Maintenance

MIE Trak Pro provides an easy way to track your tools for maintenance and scheduling, eliminates tooling conflicts, and highlights out-of-service tools.

Material Pricing & Consumption Features

With mass price updates throughout the system and material price factoring, MIE Trak Pro helps you offer the most competitive pricing while still maintaining healthy operating margins.

“The MIE Trak Pro team (from sales to project management) provided/supported a seamless transition with installation. MIE Trak Pro has tremendous flexibility with the reporting thus providing live information. The MRP function has given our company the ability to react quickly and efficiently to provide a more cost effective approach to our customer base.”

Johnathan A.
AOC Metal Works

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