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What the future holds for ERP for the Manufacturing Industry

By MIE Solutions Marketing | Jun 7, 2018

What the future holds for ERP for the manufacturing industry “Going digital” is a phrase that many businesses throw around to prove they are on trend and ready to keep up with society’s ongoing digital transformation. And companies in the manufacturing industry must also embrace this evolution. ERP for manufacturing must be primed to leverage…

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MIE Trak Pro Makes Top 3 on FrontRunners for ERP

By MIE Solutions Marketing | Jun 6, 2018

  We’ve done it again! We made it onto the FrontRunners quadrant for ERP Software for the third time. This time, we made it as a top three ERP vendor! Out of over 150 ERP solutions, only 26 were selected as 2018 FrontRunners—MIE Trak Pro being one of them.   Read the full 2018 FrontRunners…

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Benefits of Job Shop Manufacturing Software | MIE Solutions

By MIE Solutions Marketing | Mar 7, 2018

Benefits of Job Shop Manufacturing Software MIE’s founder and original software developer, David Ferguson was born into the manufacturing family by virtue of his father, owner/operator of a fabrication job shop that is still in operation today. Now, with over 25 years of first-hand experience, he is considered an expert in the job shop arena….

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EVS Metal Moved To ISO 9001:2015 from ISO9001:2008 with MIE Trak Pro Software

By MIE Solutions Marketing | Mar 6, 2018

The ISO 9001 Certification is the world’s most-respected and commonly-used set of standards for quality management systems (QMS). It is a tool that many manufacturers and fabricators like EVS Metal use as a guideline to define best practices that will allow them to most effectively serve their customers. EVS began transitioning to ISO 9001:2015 in…

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Quick Tip: Accounting Software and ERP Systems

By MIE Solutions | Dec 5, 2017

Quick Tip: Why your Accounting Software Does Not Meet Your Manufacturing Needs     Accounting software provides the tools to manage financial aspects such as accounts receivables, accounts payable, payroll, profits and loss, and having the financial aspects of your business well managed.  However, there are some key differences between an ERP system and your…

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Quick Tip: When to Upgrade Your ERP Software

By MIE Solutions | Nov 21, 2017

Quick Tip: When to Upgrade Your ERP Software   Upgrading your ERP software has a large upfront cost and can be difficult to get your team on board, even if you know that making the leap to upgrading your legacy software may yield long term benefits. Some reasons why people may resist upgrading a system:…

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Quick Tip: Kitting

By MIE Solutions | Nov 7, 2017

Quick Tip- What is Kitting?   Kitting is a method used by manufacturers to help manage their inventory and reduce time-consuming tasks of gathering inventory and required components.  Kitting is used to pre-package needed components for installation before sending to the field and to pre-package before assembling a product together.   For example, who can…

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Quick Tip: Supply and Demand

By MIE Solutions | Oct 24, 2017

Quick Tip: Finding Equilibrium Between Supply and Demand   How can we measure and track supply and demand? More importantly, how do we find the equilibrium between the two?   Let’s start simple. Envision your company’s demand as a number of purchase orders you receive. This is the quantity consumers are willing to buy your…

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Quick Tip: Cycle Counting

By MIE Solutions | Oct 10, 2017

Cycle Counting: What is it and How it can help you maintain accurate inventory quantities     Does this sound like you? When you need to count inventory, you must do a physical count and manually input it to an excel sheet or worksheet. You often run out of inventory You sometimes over order When…

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