ERP for Manufacturers

MIE Solutions is the leading provider of production control software for the entire manufacturing sector.

Incorporating Quoting/Estimating, RFQ's, Work Orders, Purchasing, MRP, Stock Control, Costing, Scheduling, Reporting, Optional Shop floor Data Capture, Delivery notes and invoices and Accounting.

ERP for every part of your Business

Production software for manufacturers, job shops, and custom fabrictors. Encompassing everything from Quoting to Accounting and everything in between.


Quickbooks, Sage, Metamation, EDI, MIE RFQ, MIE File Reader, Custom Integrations, API's and more. Ask us about our Integrations

Complete Security

Whether you are hosting with us or hosting on your own servers. MIE Solutions keeps your data safe. Log onto MIE Trak Pro it's yours to keep forever. No hidden charges, ever.

MIE File Reader

Never key in another PDF, CSV, Excel, file from your clients again. Drag and drop your file into the MIE File Reader to auto-import into MIE Trak Pro.

MIE Kiosk

Track your process on your shop floor using MIE Kiosk, know what's going on in real time. Seamlessly sync with MIE Trak Pro and have real time reporting and accuracy in your data collection. 

MIE Dashboards

Want to see which machines are at capacity? How your schedule is doing? How many deliveries are going out on time? How many estimates your department did? Use MIE dashboards to view reports, drag and drop graphs and charts to know every metric you want to see.

Multi-Site Capabilty

Multiple divisions, locations, and parts? No problem. MIE Trak Pro can handle all your multi-division needs.

APS Scheduling

Advanced Planning Scheduling. The only ERP system to schedule forwards, backwards, finite, and even run simulations to see whether your schedule runs you or the other way around.

Standard Operating Procedures

Need help developing processes? MIE Solutions Consultants specialize in Standard Operating Procedures for every department in your company.