MIE Solutions Releases Graphical Nesting Capability

MIE Solutions Releases Graphical Nesting Capability

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MIE Solutions Releases Cloud-based Managed Services For MIE Trak Pro

MIE Trak Pro Is Now Available On The Cloud!


Monday, February 22, 2016 - Garden Grove, CA - MIE Solutions (www.mie-solutions.com) today announced cloud-based managed services for their MIE Trak Pro ERP offering.

There are a number of areas that set our MIE Trak Pro cloud-based offering apart from others in the industry. A couple major differences are:

1) Overall Cost of Ownership – Many cloud-based providers own their software and charge a monthly subscription fee for you to access it, and your data, on their server. Our MIE Trak Pro cloud-based offering is different in that YOU own the software and licensing. Whether or not you continue to host MIE Trak Pro on our cloud-based managed service, your data and our MIE Trak Pro software is yours, you own it; and because you own it an accelerated depreciation allowance of up to $500,000 can be taken in the first year.

2) Dedicated vs. Multi-Tenant Databases – Many cloud-based offerings are multi-tenant which means your data is hosted on server farms along with other company’s data and the software provider dictates when software and features are updated. Our MIE Trak Pro cloud-based offering is different in that your data is stored on a dedicated server, not stored with others, and through our managed services you have control of software and feature updates. In addition, MIE Solutions makes your database available via automated backup when you need it, and as frequently as you want it.

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