MIE Solutions Releases New Functionality to MIE Trak Pro

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MIE Solutions™ Releases New Functionality to MIE Trak Pro™

MIE Trak Pro™Now Provides Whiteboard Drop Scheduling, Report Query Dashboards and more!


Garden Grove, CA January 29, 2016 - MIE Solutions™ (www.mie-solutions.com) a leading manufacturing ERP software authority, today announced the release of Whiteboard Drag and Drop in Scheduling; Adding Dashboards and Use of Dashboards at the Report Query Levels; and Team Calendars for individual departments.


Whiteboard Drag and Drop Scheduling will help move schedules based on customer demands. This lean manufacturing feature provides the user the ability to load individual machines with work orders in the order they want the orders to be run and have schedules instantly reflected out on the shop floor. Using the Whiteboard users can change work order priorities and those changes are reflected immediately to the shop floor.


The Adding of Dashboards at Report Query Levels allow the MIE Trak Proäuser to look at system information quickly via graphical displays. For example, a user can graphically look at order backlogs, revenue projections and sales volume with the simple click of a mouse. The dashboard function will allow a user to create a graphical display of anything they would like to see via charts, graphs and other display formats.  


The Team Calendar capability can be used by individual departments such as sales, purchasing, and production, to see schedules in real time and update job status within their department. For example, if a  MIE Trak Pro™ client wants a part produced or purchasing needs to order raw material and the material is delayed, how would sales and production know the status? The Team Calendar feature allows each department to communicate production status with each other and will eliminate scheduling and delivery issues.


MIE Solutions is a worldwide leading supplier of advanced technology for the manufacturing community. We offer a variety of innovative software products for integrating business data, allowing organizations to make informed decisions for streamlining their business processes, resulting in maximum efficiency and immediate ROI. Companies of all sizes have used our products to bring their business to the next level, improving their manufacturing productivity and quality.



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