New MIE Trak Pro Feature: Planning Board

You've been asking for it, so we've been working on it!

The new MIE Trak Pro Planning Board is finally here!

We've been listening to your requests for an easy way to manage machines and labor schedules and are excited to announce that our new module will be included in the upcoming release.

The release will include some updates and new features, but the one that we are the most excited for is the new Planning Board.

image (5)

If you are unsure what the Planning Board is, exactly, then let us briefly explain.

The Planning Board is a drag-and-drop interface within MIE Trak Pro that allows work center supervisors/foremen to manage work orders and jobs between machines and employees.

Scheduling issues can be resolved quickly with this new feature. For example:

  • Resolve conflicting schedules by dragging one of the conflicts to a different machine.
  • Move jobs to a different machine when one machine malfunctions.
  • Split one job between multiple machines.
  • If an employee calls out sick, quickly move his/her jobs to another employee's schedule.
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Stay tuned for our official release coming mid-December!