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Purchase Orders in MIE Trak Pro


In order for companies to deliver products on time and in a cost-effective manner, some sort of purchasing tool must be used. Within MIE Trak Pro, you can make sure that you purchase parts just-in-time and in a way that assures you are getting the best price from your suppliers. 


Purchase Job-to-Job (Lean Purchasing)

With MIE Trak Pro ERP you can make purchases toward specific work orders and track all purchases. Also, MIE Trak Pro makes sure you know exactly when parts are going to be delivered to your dock.

Purchase Order Requests

Manage procurement purchase order requests easily on your shop floor, via MIE Kiosk, and in your office, with MIE Trak Pro. Another benefit of MIE Trak Pro is the ability to require approvals for purchases over a specified dollar amount.


Automated Purchasing

Using MRP, reorder points, and min/max purchasing, you can automate the creation of purchase orders. Also, utilize the APS schedule to purchase items based on what's needed for open orders and WIP.


Purchasing Features:

  • Purchase for a specific job
  • Purchase for inventory
  • Multi-division purchasing
  • MRP
  • Purchase order requests
  • Vendor delivery performance tracking and reporting
  • Serial number/lot tracking
  • Get recommended purchasing information based on purchase history
  • ...and much more