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Quality Control in MIE Trak Pro


Quality control is a critical process for many manufacturing companies.  Therefore, we understand that delivering quality products without defects is necessary to meet your customers’ expectations. At MIE Solutions, we offer a quality control module out-of-the-box that handles ISO9001 and AS9100 standards.

Quality Data for Reporting


MIE Trak Pro requires minimal effort to create the data for quality control reporting dashboards. Having good quality data for reporting dashboards will help you and your team see trends, scorecards, and supplier details in a format that can be easily understood by everyone.

Fully Integrated

With MIE Trak Pro, there is no need for a third-party quality control system.  MIE Trak Pro eliminates double entry and ensures visibility of all quality issues. Information and data are available at-a-glance because product quality is front and center of a successful customer partnership.


Tracking Reject and Scrap Costs

How much material was scrapped during the production of a job? What is my monthly cost for scrap and labor rejections? With MIE Trak Pro, these answers are available to you at any time. 


Quality Features:

  • RMAs
  • NCMRs (Non-Conformance Material Reporting)
  • CPAR (Corrective and Preventive Action Requests)
  • Supplier analysis
  • Work center, machine, and employee analysis
  • Create re-work jobs directly from the RMA and internal non-conformance report
  • Built-in dashboards and reporting
  • And much more!