Quick Tip: How to Integrate Quality Control Processes

Integrating Quality Control Processes



Your company develops a part. You know that it needs to progress through 10 steps for it to be completed. However, somewhere during the process, something goes wrong or fails.



How do you maintain quality control when integrating processes and procedures?


Questions to Ask

  1. Are you ISO or AS Certified?
  2. Can you consistently pass a quality control audit?
  3. Is your QC fully integrated with your ERP software?

What can we do?


What does it mean to be ISO or AS Certified? In short, it means that you have a set of standard operating procedures that your team follows to a T in order to ensure your QC process. Large businesses, like Boeing, all require ISO/AS standards; if you want your business to compete, you need to be able to prove that your business also follows those standards.

Instead of spending hours trying to find out where the product failed, due to a lack of traceability, an integrated ERP system would document all events surrounding the failed process. Because you’d have a process set in place, it would be simple to find out where and why the product failed.

A huge benefit of this feature is that this exact method would also give you all failed processes for any particular part, whether currently in production or in a past production.


In MIE Trak Pro, the quality control module on the start screen allows you to track your processes. You get the visibility and the answers you need to know about why something failed and how to fix it.


MIE Trak Pro integrates with Metacam to provide a seamless link to the next level of automation. The two software solutions have a bi-directional link that allows MIE to drive automation when importing new parts and creating nests to run on the shop floor.


metacam and mie trak pro.jpg


Metacam then returns all the information directly to MIE Trak Pro to deliver detailed information on production requirements for a job and simulations to prove them out. This results in more accurate job quotes, better material utilization, and more precise inventory counting.


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  1. Shari Hacker on August 13, 2018 at 9:33 am

    Hi, Our company just installed MIE Trak Pro I am in the Quality deptartment and have few questions, first off How do I properly issue an RMA to a customer?

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