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Quick Tip: 3 Steps Before Purchasing ERP

3 Steps Before Purchasing ERP Software for Your Manufacturing Company


Now that we have looked over some finer details of what ERP software for a manufacturing company can do for you and your company, let’s move on to the purchasing of ERP software and how you can prepare.


It is important to consider the following three tips as you move forward with your research and decision-making process.



Before you purchase ERP software for a manufacturing company, you should

1. Meet with all decision-makers to determine priorities, outline struggles, and allocate tasks.

  • Who will be researching and speaking with ERP vendors?
  • What are your company’s main concerns?
  • What is the timeline for a decision and for ERP implementation?
  • What is the company’s budget?

2.   Use a Business Process Analysis –  which outlines the processes involved, the duties of participating parties, what and how information is exchanged, and the documents produced in a business.

  • Understand your current process
  • Outline what works well and what does not
  • Determine the who, what, when, where, why, and how of daily processes


3.  Have a dedicated Project Manager

  • Make sure he or she has enough power and resources to properly evaluate systems.
  • Make sure he or she knows the goals and understands the priorities of the company regarding features, timeline, budget, etc.


Once you have these three things completed, then it is time to let your Project Manager begin his or her research on ERP software for manufacturing!


Keep a lookout for the next five Quick Tips, which will go over the six rules of ERP implementation!