Quick Tip: Accurate Data Collection and Real Time Reporting

Accurate Data Collection and Real-Time Reporting



Accuracy and Real-Time Reporting




1. How do you collect actual, real-time work order data? (Labor)
2. Can you look at a screen and know exactly where your parts are? (Labor)
3. Are you accurately costing work orders, including Bill of Materials? (Raw materials)
4. Do you use large assemblies? (Raw materials)



MIE Quick Tips Controls

The lack of accuracy in data collection is a common problem in the manufacturing space. Often, companies don’t have the tools to see what’s going on in their facilities in real time. Instead of waiting until the end of the day to find out, with MIE Kiosk, you can collect data and view it as it happens. This lets you know exactly what jobs are being worked on at any given time.

To effectively use this process, you must set up controls that tell your users when they’ve made a mistake like:

“You typed or entered a quantity greater than the sequence entered previously.”

Or help you answer questions like:
“Was the inventory correctly issued during the production process of that sequence?”


As this data collection happens, the benefits of real-time reporting are exponential. The system updates your costing data in real-time and reduces inaccuracies of your financials. For companies that track large assemblies, you have the visibility you need for all your components.


MIE Solutions- MIE KIOSK

With MIE Kiosk, data is collected accurately and in real-time. MIE Kiosk integrates seamlessly with MIE Trak Pro, as well as other scheduling software. For shop floor supervisors, you can instantly highlight all the jobs an employee is scheduled to work on. As employees on the shop floor, you can log in using an iPad or computer. Once logged in, you can clock in, view work orders, and view the jobs listed for your machine.



You can drag-and-drop jobs onto the scheduling whiteboard, updating what your employees should work on as soon as they clock in to their machines. This eliminates keystrokes in managing data collection.



Recently viewed items are shown in plain sight on the computer screen or tablet. MIE Kiosk also keeps track of your WIP (Work in Progress) inventory. By clicking on “WIP INV Completions” on your work order page, you can see where you are in your process.



To go paperless, MIE Kiosk allows employees to see drawings, blueprints, and models on the computer screen or tablet, eliminating unnecessary paper trails and providing a leaner solution for running the manufacturing floor. MIE Kiosk’s integration with MIE Trak Pro also provides scheduling shop floor data capture with bar coding and costing capabilities.


  1. Sharon Dodgin on May 6, 2016 at 9:44 am

    Does this program handle payroll from start to finish?

  2. michael on February 13, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    Hello, is there any promotional information on the mie-kiosk?

    Is mie-kiosk only available with mie-trak pro?

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