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Quick Tip: Creating A Team For Your ERP Search

Creating a Team for Your ERP Search


You have now done your research and narrowed down your choices of ERP systems that you would like to see demos of. So, now what?


Well, since the ERP system will be the backbone of your organization, almost every person in the company will have contact with it, in some form. The hard part is choosing which ERP system will be the best fit for the whole company and not just one or two departments. One hurdle is making sure every main user of the system is confident that the chosen software will help them attain their goals.


The first step to attain that confidence is to have the right people involved in the decision-making process. Be extra sure you’ve let the key players know that you’ve narrowed down your software options and invite them to view the demo.


When choosing a team, make sure everyone is expecting the product to improve processes and not just replicate all the current processes in the company. You will want to evaluate each department’s goals and assure that team members work together to meet the company’s initiatives. They should be able to identify the priorities over the bonus features. If the system meets each department’s priorities, you will have a much happier team.



So, who should be invited to the demo? Begin by inviting the primary employees who will be using the software. To help avoid missing anyone, the following is a list of people who are typically interested in having a seat at the table:


  • Production Manger – to evaluate the manufacturing processes your new ERP system will simplify for them.
  • Accounting – to witness the ease of integration that a software, like MIE Trak Pro, has with accounting software (such as QuickBooks) or the advanced capabilities already built in to the system.
  • Logistics/Operations – to view the day-to-day operations available/accessible throughout the program.
  • Quality Control – to evaluate the robust nature of the software and how it fits into your workflow.


Once the key players have been invited to the demo, it is up to the ERP specialists to “wow” your team!


MIE Solutions provides an enterprise resource planning software for manufacturers called MIE Trak Pro. MIE Trak Pro has been chosen as Gartner’s 2017 Leader in Manufacturing Software and Gartner’s 2017 Contender in ERP Software.