Quick Tip: ERP Vs. Stand-Alone Software

Quick Tip: ERP Software for Manufacturing Vs. Stand-Alone Software



When ERP software for manufacturing was first released, it was mainly used for large enterprises. However, today’s ERP systems can be used by any company in the manufacturing industry, regardless of size. No matter what your company manufactures, you are bound to find ERP software on the market that is right for you.



As your manufacturing business grows, you may realize you need a safer way to store data, formal interaction between departments (not just an email), and real-time updates of data and information. Management needs their data to be secure and accurate – especially when it comes to accounting and determining costs, revenue, and budget.



So, what does an ERP software for manufacturing have to offer? And how does it help you in the manufacturing industry?


Some common features and modules of ERP software include:


  • Material Resource Planning
  • Quoting
  • Shop floor data collection
  • Scheduling
  • Cloud capabilities
  • Support/maintenance
  • Warehouse\inventory management
  • Integration with CAD/CAM software
  • Business Intelligence
  • Quality control
  • Accounting
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources


Not every Manufacturing ERP software offers the exact same features and modules. Some ERP vendors offer them all at once while some give you the basic modules and charge an additional cost for adding others.


ERP software aims to be an all-in-one solution for streamlining business processes. Of course, not every software can be replaced by ERP. For example, ERP software will not replace your CAD/CAM software but should be able to integrate with the software to decrease data entry which will decrease your overall workload.


Specialized software, like CAD/CAM, is extremely important to many fabrication/manufacturing businesses, so if that is the case for your company, then it is imperative to find a Manufacturing ERP software that supports this and any other necessary software.


In almost every module offered by ERP software for manufacturing, you can find software that does that one task better than the ERP module.


One example of this is a stand-alone Business Intelligence Solution. However, the benefit of ERP software is that it smoothly communicates between modules and departments in the manufacturing industry.


If you are only doing Business Intelligence-related tasks, then a BI system may be all you need. So, consider this before truly investing in an end-to-end system.


If you need a system that links multiple modules together to ensure that manufacturing processes flow efficiently from one department to another, then ERP software is just what you need.