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Quick Tip: Guide to ERP Selection (Part 2)

Guide to ERP Selection (Part 2)


Last week’s Quick Tip identified your needs, identified parameters, and created your team. We are here again to give you some more tips on ERP Selection.

Now that you have done your prep work, you are now ready to view demos.

Having that hands-on experience allows you to get a feel for the software in which you are investing. Have a team of representatives sit in on the demo and ask the ERP company to plug in some of your company’s data so you can see your machines, employees, parts, and inventory in action. That should be a good indication of compatibility.


When you do choose the software, implement comfortably

Implement at a pace that is best for your business. Work with customer service (or the assigned project manager) to help you choose the best plan of implementation. Put aside dedicated time for decision-making and the implementation process.


Train yourself and others

You need to make sure that you and your employees are confident using the system to run your processes. Training classes, customer support, and FAQs are great resources and it is highly recommended to utilize each, when necessary.


During implementation, you should measure and observe the system

Never stop evaluating. See what is working and what is not and aim for optimization!



Watch for red flags

If something isn’t working as expected, reach out to your software provider’s customer support to see if the issue can be fixed or adapted. Don’t be afraid to “cut the cord” when there is nothing that can be done about the issue. If the system is not living up to what was promised during the demo phase, it may be best to explore new options.


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