Quick Tip: How to Schedule for Demand

How to Schedule for Demand


Have you ever received a large order and, midway through production, your client requests an earlier shipping date? You want to make them happy, so you say that you can and rush their order. Unfortunately, this makes 10 other orders run weeks behind. So, you end up with one happy client and five who are frustrated.


Questions to Ask

  1. Do you know your capacity to deliver jobs on time and can you give an estimated shipping date?
  2. Can you forecast the date a projected order should be completed?
  3. Should you be running your shop by an automated scheduling system?


What can we do?

A scheduling/capacity planning system will tell you when a job can potentially be completed or delivered. Being armed with this information allows you to make informed management decisions, increasing productivity.

A scheduling/capacity planning system can also tell you your current load time and even let you know if you have any excess machine time. On the other hand, if you are fully loaded or running behind schedule, it can tell you to run some overtime to get back on track.

In MIE Trak Pro, APS Scheduling imports MPS forecasts and associates them with routers for greater visibility and decision-making.

APS Scheduling excels when used for product manufacturing that is make-to-order and/or uses multiple components.

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