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Quick Tip: Rules of ERP Implementation- Be An Advocate

Quick Tip: Rule of ERP Implementation- Be An Advocate


Rules of ERP Implementation: Be an Advocate


Implementation of ERP software can be lengthy and stressful, but if executed correctly and with the proper planning, it can bring you and your company the success and growth you have been waiting for. The following six rules should help your team understand and plan for your future ERP implementation.


Is this you?


  • You just purchased ERP software
  • You are looking into purchasing ERP software
  • You are trying to convince the rest of your team that you need ERP software


Wherever you fall on this list, it is important to be prepared for the transition from purchasing to ERP implementation. Around ⅔ of all ERP implementations fail, so we want to help you avoid being in this unfortunate statistic.


The six rules of ERP implementation are:


  1. Provide full management support to the implementation
  2. Have a system champion
  3. Get employee buy-in
  4. Have written plans
  5. Develop a training approach
  6. Prioritize and follow through


Let’s go into a little more detail of the first two rules…


Rule #1: You must provide full management support for the ERP implementation

Management must set an example for their staff by showing that they are invested in the success of the project. This is an important factor in avoiding divisions between staff members.


For most of us, learning new software is not easy, so it is also important to show patience with your trainee(s) during this process. Your patience during this time will reiterate your support of the ERP software program and your team, as they learn to fully utilize it.


Rule #2: Have a system champion

Even when we know that change is necessary, we often resist to some degree. Any successful ERP implementation must include a concerted effort to get employee buy-in of the new system; this is where a “system champion” comes in.


A system champion can encourage employee buy-in by communicating the importance of the implementation process and facilitating employee teamwork throughout the entire process.

It is expected that some resistance will occur, so it is important to try understanding the reasons.



For instance, employees may resist because they are comfortable with the current system and processes or anxious and fearful of such a significant change.


It is beneficial to have the system champion speak to the team about their personal and professional reasons for resisting the change. Let your team be heard by someone they feel they can confide in.



The more you know about why there is resistance, the better you can address your employees’ concerns and improve your company’s chances of a successful ERP implementation.


Keep a lookout for the third rule of ERP implementation: “Get Employee Buy-In”.