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Quick Tip: When to Upgrade Your ERP Software

When to Upgrade Your ERP Software


Upgrading your ERP software may have a large upfront cost; it may also be difficult to get your team on board, even if you know that upgrading your legacy software may yield long-term benefits.

People may resist upgrading a system because:

  • They feel that the system works fine the way it is
  • They may feel intimidated by having to learn a new software.
  • The possibility of “time lost” due to additional training
  • It may disrupt their workflow

The truth is, upgrades deliver improved functionality and features that can help you run your business in a leaner, more profitable way, and can take your business to the next level. Technology is constantly improving, and you should be performing regular audits to check that your system is working optimally for you – especially as your company grows.



So, how do you know when it is time for an upgrade?


You are noticing limited capabilities in your system

You need an ERP software that can scale with your growth. If your current software is out-of-date, you are not maximizing the benefits of what an ERP software system can offer you.


There is a lack of visibility

As technology evolves, new tools can help you view real-time analytics of your company’s performance. These analytics may include monitoring the status of a job and being able to see if you are on schedule to complete production. This should be visible to you and if this feature is not available with your current ERP software, then it’s time for an upgrade.


Your system is experiencing a rising number of technical issues

With an outdated or older ERP system, you can spend hours manually entering your data. There may also be glitches if your software is no longer supported; you may be missing out on critical updates and patches. For ERP software to run your company smoothly, it needs to be able to process data accurately and efficiently. If your software is crashing, then it is probably time for an upgrade.


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