Quick Tip: What is APS Scheduling?

What is APS Scheduling?




Is this you?

  • Do you know what machines are required to fulfill an order?
  • Do you know what resources are needed and when they will be available, if you don’t already have them?
  • If you are waiting, when can you expect to start?



Three Common Issues in Scheduling Deal With:

  • On-time Delivery
  • Under-Scheduling
  • Over-Scheduling 


Two Common Ways Jobs are Scheduled:

  • Backward scheduling, which schedules based on the due date, and
  • Forward scheduling, which schedules based on when the necessary resources become available; from there, you can determine the due date.


To schedule productively, you need the know the status and priority of each order on the shop floor.


This is where APS Scheduling comes into place.


AdvancedPlanningSchedule- What is APS.png


One Solution

APS, or Advanced Planning Scheduling, is a system that allows you to develop a schedule while managing the following:

  • Machine capacity
  • Resources
  • Tooling
  • Labor

This important system allows you to develop a realistic plan of action to get the job done.


Being able to predict accurate inventory levels, due dates, and develop a scheduling plan helps reduce overtime and collects better information of what is happening on your shop floor.


It improves visibility and communication among multiple departments and, most importantly, increases customer satisfaction.



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