Quoting/Estimating in MIE Trak Pro


Quoting jobs is an important part of all custom fabrication and job shops. Therefore, MIE Trak Pro creates consistency between all estimators, giving you confidence that the prices offered on each quote are accurate.

Create Quotes Accurately and Consistently

When using the MIE Trak Pro software, you have access to consultants who will work hand-in-hand with your estimators to create specific formulas for you. As a result, your quotes will become more accurate with one-click pricing to your customer.

Automated Win/Loss Ratio

Aside from the initial quote creation, win/loss ratios by customer and time-frame will be automatically handled with no extra effort on your part. With this, you can learn which customers have lower win-rates to determine if you should continue creating quotes for them. Once you have better reporting on your win/loss ratios, you can focus on customers with higher win/capture rates and save your team a lot of time and effort on quoting.


Simple, Quick Quotes to Massive Assemblies

Quick and simple quotes are necessary for capturing the most jobs possible. Also, MIE Trak Pro handles small to very large assembly quotes with over 20 assembly levels, so if you have a quote that requires 1000’s of manufactured components and 1000’s of purchased components, then let MIE Trak Pro handle this for you.



MIE Trak Quoting features:

  • RFQ 
  • Personalized formulas (simple or complex)
  • Quick quoting
  • Win/Loss ratio tracking
  • RFQ to Sales Order conversion in 3 clicks!
  • Full quote history
  • Multiple quotes per item, if desired
  • Highly advanced raw material estimating
  • and much more