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Reporting in MIE Trak Pro


The key to good reporting is data and MIE Trak Pro makes your data available in an easy-to-use reporting engine. If you are considering ERP for your business, you should definitely consider finding a system that offers a great reporting feature. 


Standard Reports

MIE Trak Pro has over 500 standard reports that can be modified to fit every need possible. Of course, if there is something we’ve missed, our team will work with you to create the exact report you need. 

Quick Views

Quick views is a highly efficient reporting function that gets you what you need when you want it. With over 200 templates—including data collection analysis, sales analysis, KPI’s, slow-moving item reports, etc.—MIE Trak Pro provides just what you need in regard to Quick Views. With this capability, you’ll never look back at the old way of doing things (clicking from module-to-module to see what you wish you could see on one page). Let us show you how our Quick Views work and you can decide for yourself if it’s what you’re looking for.


Fully Integrated

Having a fully integrated reporting engine that gives in-line report modification (without leaving the module) will save you loads of time. In MIE Trak Pro, you will find a “Report” button on every screen which gives you direct access to reports. From there, you can download it as a PDF, Excel spreadsheet, or image, and send it off to your CEO or President for viewing.


Reporting Features:

  • Hundreds of report templates
  • Drag-and-drop
  • Fully integrated
  • PDF, Excel, image, preview, CSV and emailing capabilities
  • Full-user role-based security for every report to keep your information confidential
  • Full graphics, bar charts, and pie charts directly integrated into the reports.
  • Create reports across multiple data sources
  • ...and much more.