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Sales Order Module and Entry in MIE Trak Pro


With MIE Trak Pro, enter all sales orders quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

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How does MIE Trak Pro enter Sales Orders Quickly?

With MIE Trak Pro ERP there are numerous ways to get all of your customer purchase orders into the system quickly. For instance, imagine an email from a customer arrives in your inbox and, within seconds, their purchase order is fully in your ERP system. Well, current users of MIE Trak Pro find this feature extremely helpful in saving time. 

How does MIE Trak Pro enter Sales Orders Efficiently?

Are you tired of all the mouse clicks you have to do to enter an order in your current system? Do you wish it could be more efficient? If so, MIE Trak Pro ERP requires only 10 clicks to enter a customer’s sales order, which saves time and effort. If you don’t think that’s fast, count your mouse clicks the next time you enter an order in your current system.


How does MIE Trak Pro enter Sales Orders Accurately?

The MIE Trak Pro quoting system is key to creating an accurate sales order quickly. Once you’ve created a quote, you can create a sales order directly from that quote. All you have to do is enter the due date and your customer’s purchase order number and you are all set.


MIE Trak Pro Sales Order Features:

  • Create a sales order from a quote with minimal clicks
  • Auto PDF to sales order creation
  • Automated EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), including revisions
  • Handle multiple salespersons and multiple commissions
  • View everything on one screen
  • Activity log
  • Handles millions of orders
  • Multi-division
  • Multi-currency
  • RMA management
  • Job costing
  • Group orders by project
  • Discounts
  • Document attachments
  • Tasks
  • and much more.