Scheduling in MIE Trak Pro


A scheduling system needs to be highly accurate to have your shop running efficiently. Thankfully, MIE Trak Pro schedules as an AI simulation and is, therefore, far more accurate than scheduling by hand.

The MIE Trak Pro system handles assemblies, nests, multiple machines, purchasing requirements, and even employee constraints.


Fast and Accurate Scheduling

With MIE Trak ERP you have accurate work orders based on accurate quoting. Once your estimates are accurate, the scheduling module will create a schedule for your employees and machines that you can trust and rely on for accuracy. For instance, you can schedule 20,000 work orders in just a few minutes. If this seems too good to be true, then give us a chance to show you.

Whiteboard Scheduling

Whiteboard schedule from scratch or from the Advanced Planning Scheduling (APS) system. With this type of scheduling system, you can drag-and-drop work orders, split work orders, and, therefore, make the schedule work exactly how you'd like it to. 


Automated Scheduling

If you're looking for an automated way to schedule your jobs and machines, then utilize the automated backward scheduling in MIE Trak Pro. Due to it being automated, no extra work is required to schedule and you get the full benefits of a detailed schedule of your jobs!


MIE Trak Scheduling Features:

  • Create a schedule from a work order
  • Handle single level or multi-level work orders
  • Split work orders
  • Multi-division scheduling
  • Backward scheduling
  • Forward finite scheduling
  • Create shop floor loading charts and graphs
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Scheduling data is automatically available on the Kiosk for real-time data collection
  • Unlimited what-if scenarios
  • Nesting
  • Cell scheduling
  • And much more