Introduction To Job Shop Scheduling

Welcome to the MIE Solutions Job Shop Scheduling blog. MIE Solutions ERP system provides a comprehensive job shop scheduling software to deal with the many problems scheduling a job shop encounters.

Scheduling has become a critical factor in many job shops in order to determine their capacity for more work and be able to schedule their work more efficiently. Job shop scheduling becomes more and more difficult when you deal with assemblies and/or multiple components which need to be made in an efficient manner.

Job Shop Scheduling is an optimization problem in which ideal jobs are assigned to resources at particular times. The most basic version is as follows: We are given n jobs J1, J2, … Jn of varying sizes, which need to be scheduled on m identical machines, while trying to minimize the total length of the schedule (that is, when all the jobs have finished processing). Scheduling job shops is much more complex then the basic version above because there are many more constraints involved. In the above method the machines are identical which is not going to happen in an actual job shop. Online problem vs offline problem In an online scheduling system the scheduling application looks at a single piece of information at a time and does not know whats coming down the pipeline. In this situation the entire input is not known from the start. Because it does not know the whole input, an online algorithm is forced to schedule the job without knowledge of the entire input available at the start. The online algorithm needs to make a decision about that job before the next job is presented. In an offline scheduling system the scheduling application the system is given the whole problem data from the beginning and is required to answer scheduling problem given in an optimal way. Because an online scheduling system does not know the whole input, an online algorithm is forced to make decisions that may later turn out not to be optimal, and the study of online algorithms has focused on the quality of decision-making that is possible in this setting.

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