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Sheet Metal Fabrication Industry

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Sheet Metal Fabrication involves complex processes of cutting, burning, bending, finishing, etc. of metal sheets into different structures. This process uses various tools like band saws, chop saws, cutting torches, hydraulic brakes, and much more. It is a highly specialized job requiring many different professionals working with precision and skill.

Industry Leader

MIE Solutions provides a market-leading production software for the Automotive Manufacturing Industry. Specializing in purchasing, quality control, costing, scheduling, data management, and so on, it provides a complete solution for all your manufacturing needs.

Implementation Services

ERP software must be customized according to the needs of your business; MIE Solutions provides a convenient implementation process with the help of a project manager and a sales engineer. On top of this, an entire team of consultants, technicians, developers, and IT technicians are appointed to assist with the implementation of MIE Trak Pro.

Consultation & Training Services

MIE also provides full support to its clients as ERP is an integrated software which requires complex understanding for processing. This support and training are provided by MIE Solution’s experts via online, phone, in-person classes, or on-site visits.

Why MIE Trak Pro?

 The average sheet metal shop consists of various equipment and technological apparatuses, ranging from simple hand tools to lathes and CNC-controlled multi-axis mills.

Due to the high cost of these machines, regular maintenance must also be carried out so that the company and all incoming orders can run smoothly. With so much going on in a machine shop, it is highly recommended that a system is in place to manage all of these aspects of the business.

What you get with MIE Trak Pro

Many fabrication shops lack an automated management system. However, as a business grows, it becomes more and more difficult to properly track jobs and costs. An effective ERP system within the metal fabrication industry provides the following benefits:

A Searial Barcode System

A serial barcode system for inventory and stock management can assist sales staff and account managers when responding to queries. Use MIE Trak Pro to know your exact inventory count.

Finance and Accounting

Comprehensive integrated accounting features will make purchasing of metal commodities, subcontract processing, and cash flow management simple. Metal prices can be recorded at the point of purchase within the system for easy and accurate costing calculations.


MIE Trak Pro provides its users with a highly detailed breakdown of open jobs, employee schedules, and machine capacity. Properly track set-up times, downtime of machines, and accurate job times.

Engineered-to-Order (ETO)

The total number of man-hours required can be accurately tracked for cost calculations. Projects can be created within the system to store detailed information (e.g. materials required, technical drawings, invoices, and client conversations).

“I like that this software encompasses so many aspects of our manufacturing business from quoting to invoicing and quality reports. I also truly appreciate the quick response from MIE Trak Pro employees when help is needed - thanks Andres!”

Jessica R.
D&B Precision Products

“After using MIE Trak Pro for many years now I can say it's a very capable system with valuable updates coming quarterly. We needed a system to manage our production and work on the floor and this system delivers. Everything we need from quoting parts all the way to fabrication is covered and gives us a birds eye view we needed to manage everything.”

Timothy C.
Cole Kepro

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