Step #4: Populating the System with Data

Data is the "raw material" of your system. Once you are up and running, data will easily flow into and out of your system, increasing the efficiency of your business. However, before this can happen, your system must be populated with an initial set of clean, accurate data. This section describes that process and the types of data you will need.

The Process


Gathering Data

This first preparation stage is where you begin to identify where all the data you need currently resides. The next section, Importing Data, provides a list of the types of data to start gathering.

Once you start to gather the data, you can decide how it will get into the system: import or manual entry.

Importing Data

Some types of data will lend itself to importing; other data will need to be entered manually.

Benefits of Importing Your Data

Obviously, automatically importing data is faster and can be more efficient. If your data lends itself to automatic import, this will save time and effort.

Benefits of Importing Your Data

Based on the information obtained during the quotation process for your purchase, MIE Solutions creates a document containing all intended import data. MIE Solutions uses this initial document to determine the extent of import data and the effort required to perform the import. You and your MIE lead will expand on this document. We need to go over the data sources to get a better understanding of the current state of the data integrity. We will also use this information to map your data to MIE Trak Pro.

What to Import

For a list of the tables and required fields that can be imported, ask your MIE Solutions lead. Some fields are optional. We recommend that you focus on the essential data and defer the rest until after going live.

Import Process

This section briefly describes the basic import process. The intent is to provide a description of the basic steps, although every implementation is different.

Manually Entering Data

For a complete list of the data that we can import, please contact who would be happy to help!