Step #6: Going Live

This section describes the final implementation phase where all your planning and training will come to fruition. It describes the going live phase, when you will finally begin using MIE Trak Pro as your ERP system and start reaping the benefits.

Going Live Options

Direct cut-over The entirety of an organization’s current system is shut down and all operations at transferred to the new system. One weekend
Transitional or phased approach Each module of an organization’s current system is sequentially transferred to the new system over time in phases until the entire system has been transferred. Several months


While you are getting ready for a full implementation of MIE Trak Pro, MIE Solutions will set up a temporary MIE Trak Pro system, commonly known as a "sandbox". A sandbox is a duplicate MIE Trak Pro system including a database. As the term implies, you can use your sandbox to play in. However, it will be used for much more than that. This is the system you will use to populate with data and use to train your employees.

"Go Live" Process

Before Going Live

Final Training MIE Solutions provides final training two or three weeks prior to the go live date.

"Go Live" Weekend

Final Imports MIE Solutions assists you in running a final import script. This script will have already been tested during the implementation phase.
Because your users have been generating data in your current system between the time of the initial import and now, it is necessary to perform a final import. To incorporate that final data.
This can be accomplished at the completion of a shift or other opportune time. It will be important for your users to cease from all operations on the current system after this point.
This import could include any data that was added or modified after the initial import. For example, this could include security groups, reports, operation formulas, and other data that both our organizations have worked on or modified. MIE Solutions has the import scripts to bring those tables in from the MIE Trak Pro sandbox database to the current MIE Trak Pro system.
Final Reports Import all reports in REPX file format. All reports should have been reviewed and ready to import. This is part of the final import phase.
Transfer Data from Live System to Sandbox Once your live system looks clean, MIE Solutions will usually transfer your vetted live data back to your Sandbox. This is so you can have updated data for training.
In most cases, we leave the Sandbox environment. It can be used for on-going training or for loading a beta version before using it on the production system.
Power Down Previous System This is the point where we turn off your current system.
If you want to implement in a phased approach, as described above, you must be careful to truly do double entry (both systems: your current and the new MIE Trak Pro system). If anyone is not doing double-entry, the systems will easily get out of sync.
Power up MIE Trak Pro This stage is when we power up the live MIE Trak Pro system.
On-Site Training MIE Solutions provides on-site training during the initial stages to provide a safety net for you. This provides personnel who have intimate knowledge of the system and who are readily available on site for any questions. Also, if any of your users are apprehensive of change, this gives them a go-to person for questions.

Going Forward

Going forward, a few suggestions and reminders:

  • You’ve learned the basics and you are operating
  • Always ask if there a better or easier way to do something
  • Constantly look at your business from a problem-solving standpoint