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Quick Tip: Cycle Counting

Cycle Counting – What is it and how can it help you maintain accurate inventory quantities?     Does this sound like you? When you need to count inventory, you perform a physical count and manually enter the count into an Excel spreadsheet or paper worksheet You often run out of inventory You sometimes order…

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Quick Tip: Decreasing Wasted Man Hours

How to Decrease Wasted Man Hours     One problem manufacturers often face is how to maximize efficiency and eliminate wasted time. No one has ever walked away feeling “good” after their time has been wasted. Now, if you add your factory floor to the equation, the thin margins may be the only thing keeping…

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Quick Tip: Accurate Inventory Tracking

How to Ensure Accurate Inventory Tracking   PROBLEM How many times have you lost parts and had to re-make them because you had no idea where they were located? As parts are constantly moved around, you need real-time data collection to know exactly where your parts are in order to reduce redundancy and the need to…

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Classification Of Costs – Direct and Indirect Costs

Direct and indirect costs are two more costs which are involved in running a business.  Direct costs are those costs directly associated with the manufacturing or production of a product.  This includes labor that is directly related to making the product and purchased materials which are directly related to making the product. Engineering costs can…

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