Testimonials - MIE Solutions

" For the past 15 years I have relied on this software to offer greater flow and added process control to the production floor. I have been impressed with the continuous effort and progression of it by its creators. I have seen this change the identity of the production environment first hand for three separate manufacturers." - Jeff Friesen, SMT


"D & B Precision Products used the original MieTrak system for approximately 9 years to include an upgrade to the new and improved PRO system.  It has now become an integral part of our daily processes." - Jessica Rodriguez, DB Precision Products


"Have Been a MIE Trak User Since Buying my company in 2002" - Judd Mellott, Westport Precision

"We have been working with their product for over 15 years/ MIE TRAK PRO is one very powerful tool" - Keith Binney President, Stainless Fabricators

"Overall it's an easy product to use which makes things go quicker" - JR. Santana, RD Metal
"I have been using this product for years. Thru those years, I have seen that MIE TRAK listens to its customers and makes improvements based on what will streamline the customer's experience." - Randy Stockdale- MFG Engineer, Exact Corp


"MIE Trak Pro has allowed our company to move our manufacturing output performance forward" - Kofi/Sara Bannerman Owners, Trinity


"Product works great don't have to use multiple softwares everything is bundled in 1 package" - Edwin Marin, R&D Metal Fabricators


"Came in with no experience, quick and easy to learn.  It’s very forgiving, you can go back.  That’s really been nice.  I’ve posted and reposted to see what it looks like on the balance sheet to make sure it looks right. It's very intuitive. Customer service is amazing." - Kim Maguire, NSI MFG


"I am the treasurer of a manufacturing company and am responsible for taking all the great manufacturing and sales order information from MIE and produce an accurate financial statement each month" - Tony Silividi, NSI MFG


"We have used this to grow and modified the processes we have run our manufacturing with over the years and MIE software was ever so adaptable " - Scott Meland, Compo Steel Products Inc

"MIE TRAK is a great and helpful program in running our company" - David Short- Owner, Phoenix Metal


"Very good, we have used the product for 20 years " - Peter Stone, Precision Engineering


"We are a precision sheet metal fabricator. Our customers range from electronic, medical, transit, etc. You get the idea.The software was purchased in 1997, we phased in the module over time. We have 5 users on the system everyday and love it. The software can be customized to what we need and MIE solutions has helped us whenever we have need." - Dave Harkness- Owner, RD Precision


"Been using MIE Trak (Formally Fabritrak) since 2004. Have been satisfied with overall" - Rick Fontana -Owner, Techni Metal


"After using over 5 different ERP software over the past years, MIE Trak is clearly superior. Complete package from estimating to invoicing" - Rob Curtice, Webster Precision


"Tigmaster has been using MIE Trak for over 20 years and we are still finding new ways to utilize the software in our business. The product has streamlined quoting and job tracking. We can give our customers quotes in minutes or an instant response when they need progress reports. It has also made us able to find old project info within minutes, even jobs from 15 years ago. We utilize the product in our Sales, Billing, Engineering, Shipping and Accounting offices. It ties in all aspects of our business and has helped us become the place we are today."  - Mark Schmaltz- Sales Engineer, Tigmasters


"We first started using MIE Trak in December 2000. Since the product was designed by someone in the sheet metal fabrication industry we found it to be very logical and not a radical departure from what we were already doing with our own software. The software helped streamline our front office operation so that we were able to grow our sales without adding staff. The shop floor became more efficient and customer service had real-time information available to them when communicating with customers. Support for their product is just as good as the product itself." - Lou Iannucci- Owner, Jet Precision


"Back in 1996 we reviewed 3 different MRP systems and chose MieTrak (FabriTrak back then) and now know we made the right decision. Since 1996, I would estimate we have had a 99.9% uptime.The system is intuitive and easy to train others to use." - Ron Jaggers-VP Inside Sales, Eagle Magnetic

"I find it easy to use if you have any experience with accounting and or quoting. I like the fact that you can quote multiple quantities and follow it all the way thru sales order, work order, invoicing" - Debra Manser- Project Coordinator/ Expeditor/ HR Administrator, Val Fab


"Have been using this product since Sept. 2013. During that time there has been considerable enhancement" - Bruce Fletcher, Metal Skillz NZ LTD


"Weldflow is a sheet metal is a contract manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada. We are a small company and was not sure of ERP software available for sheet metal environment. It has been a very intuitive experience with this software as it caters for almost all nuances of our operation." - Sarmad Malik, Weldflow Metal


"I have used many ERP systems but none have been as versatile and user friendly as MIE Trak" - Bob Evans- GM, EVS Metals- Texas


"It appears that the real strengths of this system are primarily felt on the floor. Since its adoption by our company we feel that in many ways we have been beta testing and debugging it from build to build. As a result, we have implemented a policy of only pushing builds on a quarterly basis and must run a tests on any new build to identify problems prior to implementation" - Michael Edwards, Triton Metals


"MIE Trak has enabled us to take make a huge growth transition in our business. We are an agile, design-based manufacturing company, and always found it too difficult and time consuming to put processes around what we did on a day to day basis. We persevered with a fragmented and inconsistent collection of spreadsheets for far too long. Now, working through MIE Trak Pro right from the quoting stage, all information is captured from sales intent right through to manufacturing then delivery, giving our people a consistent framework to work within. " - Paul Hughes- Managing Director and CEO, Integra Systems


"Our company uses both Kiosk and Track in our daily operations. We use Trak in order to purchase, produce manufacturing and sales orders, invoicing and metric reporting. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified (one of the first in Oregon) and using MIE Trak to help us meet our quality objectives and requirements is vital to our success. " - Jason D' Oiseaux, NSI MFG


"AFT has had a good experience with Mie Trak. Albeit we are using a down rev. version & hope to upgrade in the next calendar year." - Todd Morey- VP, AFT Metal


"MIE Trak is easy to use and has helped our shop stay organized" - Denise Howard- Owner, Howard Precision- HPMP


"We have been using MIE Track for the entire life of our small business. The software has integrated perfectly with our business and is very easy to learn and user friendly. Any time I have a question, the folks at MIE Solutions are available and eager to help, usually immediately, but if for any reason they can't get to me right away, they ALWAYS respond in a very timely fashion." - Lis Hagen, Hagen MFG

"We have been using MIE solutions for 10 years now, it has played a major part in our growth from 3 people to 50" - Bob Tucker, Mak Metals


"Manufacturing Software that tracks our WO and DOM with Time Clock Module. Very User Friendly" - Jackie Chelemedos- Director of Finance, Renew Tech


"We purchased this software about 3 years ago. IT is very robust and the service is top notch." - Andrea Fishback, Consolidated Machine


"I implemented this software for the company that i work for and i couldn't have asked for a better support team. Every questions gets answered quickly and politely. They are open to any and all suggestions and willing to change what they can to make it more user friendly for everyone that uses it." - Ben Stelter, Atlas Tools


"We have used MIE trak for quite a few years and it has help put things in place from the start of an order to shipping out the door " - Angela Hernandez-, SMT


"The use of the this software has allowed our company to quote, process jobs and release jobs to the floor quickly to help maximize efficiencies" - Werner Schneider- Owner, Contour MFG

" I have found this to be a good system. It appears to do what we need for our business. I will say that we do not use all the modules that are provided. I feel it is underused by us" - Sanford Boyle, NorthEast Precision


"Strongest Management Control Product on the Market" - Ralph Scott, TK Metals


"Have been using MIE Trak for about 15 years and we love it, very user friendly " - Mario Rodriguez, Uni-Fab


"We've used this product since 1999 and have found it easy to use and straightforward especially when it comes to quoting." - Vesa J. Anttila CFO, Precision Metal Industries


"10+ Daily users for over 20 years" - Michael Malleg- VP, Detronic Industries


"We started using MIE TRAK since 1995 when it was called Fabritrak. It took us a short time to learn and use this software. It has lots of features and it has customizable reports which we took advantage of." - Ronald L' Ecuyer, Sentry Precision - CANADA


"Incredibly powerful management and organizational tool. Our company couldn't be this far along without it. Very fair and competitive out of the box and strong annual maintenance. Customer service is very helpful and quickly responds to the challenges our customer relationships offer as we work to accommodate out of ordinary requests. We can't afford not to have it." - Jason Greeson- President/ CEO, FAB2ORDER


"As a sheet metal manufacturer this software provides us with traceability, transparency, and real time viewing of our products" - Karen Lindley- New Zealand, Davin Industries


"I have been using this system for many years already with no major problems" - Armando Miranda- IT Corporate Network Administrator, Cortec Precision


"MIE TRAK PRO is an integrated system that maintains our day to day operations in the shop" - Lori Jochheim- Director of Administration, KSO MetalFAB


""We are in the process of implementing Mie Trak PRO. My experience has mainly been with the setup of the product. The support team have been helpful and patient. During training and setup I found that Mie Trak PRO does everything that MieTrak 32 does and even more!"" - Pierre Frigon- Sales Estimator, Metal CN


"We've used MIE Solutions software for over 20 years. I think mid 90s we started with Fabritrak" - Dan Nohr, Cole Kepro/ American Locker


"I have been using Mie Trak Pro and Kiosk for about two years. We switched from QuickBooks. I have a background with other ERP systems, but none are as easy to use as Mietrak. Mietrak has taken the guessing out of our business. We know right away if we are profitable on products or not. We know how our actuals compared to our quotes. There is far more to this package than we use. We are learning new functionality." - Bryan Compton, GR Fabricating


"After a year-long search we stumbled upon MieTrak. We found it perfect for our application. Since it was designed around sheet metal fabrication (our industry), Mie Trak has all the functionality that we wanted. For us, it is a perfect balance that offers all the flexibility we want without being so complex that we are overwhelmed. Their support staff was wonderful on getting our data migrated into Mie Trak and initial report customization setup. The ongoing support ticket system also works very well. We are called back in a reasonable time and the solutions to our problems (often of our own creation) are usually quick. I find Mie Trak to be quite powerful and intuitive and it has enabled us to have better control over our operation. We found a system that will help us operate the way WE want to as opposed to having to change the way we operate to fit the functionality of a computer system." - Dave Rollison, Metal Integrity


"The classes were very well done. Our instructor Phil explained concepts so they were easily understood" - Suzanne Chumra- VP, Hill Manufacturing Inc: CA


"I was new to MIE Trak basically a novice when I started. I do have other experience with MRP software." - Roy Sparks, Kormex Metal Craft


"We have been utilizing MIE Trak Pro for many many years. This product does everything from start to finish, beginning with our quotes, tracking jobs, job costing to billing. Its functionality is surpassed by none" - Darlene Isabelle, Protek MFG


"We have been using the Pro product for over 4 years now and it has exceeded our expectations throughout the initial learning curve to present. Their support team has been extremely accommodating to our requests for feature additions or tweaks. There are a ton of features in this product and takes time to get through and learn them all. We have been very happy with how customizable the product is. It has really helped streamline our business." - Chris Dilley, Superior Steel Fabrication


"We had been with a competitor to MIE Solutions for almost 20 years. In that time the entire feel of the software never changed. Time moved on but the capabilities only varied slightly. They did not have wireless or touch screen support and had no desire to help us with those issues. We started shopping around and quickly found MIE Solutions. It only took one meeting to see that MIE Trak Pro was the system we had been waiting for. We had a few initial concerns about integration from our previous software and implementation with some of our processes. MIE Solutions assured us they would take care of our every need. They did not fall short on their promise. It took several months to completely work out the bugs from transferring our database and learn all the new ways of running the software, not a day goes by that we regret the change." - Trey Chapman- Business Manager, Detail Mold & Design