Work Orders in MIE Trak Pro


Manufacturers use work orders to create parts for production and give visibility on the shop floor. Work Orders can be created for made-to-stock, made-to-order, engineer-to-order, Kanban, and more.



With MIE Trak Pro ERP, you can automate work order creation for a number of scenarios. Also, you can have the system create work orders in the case of triggering events. These triggers can include min-max planning, designated reorder points, Kanban replenishment, and sales order demand requirements.

Go paperless!

Work order tracking and costing can all be done digitally in MIE Trak Pro. By using this system, you can stop chasing paper around the shop floor and, instead, implement a paperless work order tracking system into your business. You can also track accurate run times and costing as your work order moves through the shop. Then, sit back and watch your company's productivity improve.



MIE Trak Pro offers a highly efficient tracking system that allows you to see exactly where your product is in the manufacturing process. If it is incomplete at the end of the day, then the software allows you to store the product in WIP (Work In Progress) and track its physical location in the system.


MIE Trak Work Order Features:

  • Create Work Orders from:
    • Automated triggers
    • MRP (Material Resource Planning)
    • Reorder Points
    • Sales Order Demand
  • Handle single-level or multi-level work orders (with 10,000’s of fabricated and purchased items)
  • Split work orders
  • Multi-Division capabilities
  • 100% lot traceability
  • Labor collection
  • Efficiency and Productivity Reports
  • Serial number tracking
  • Nesting
  • Group clock-in labor collection
  • ...and more!